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      Our goal is to help immigrants remain in the United States with their families, overcome their fears, and gain legal status to live a more fulfilling life. Our Firm's experience, diversity, and commitment to the field of immigration law make us uniquely qualified to help people from all around the world achieve their immigration goals.

      The value you receive:

      • Ability to send your legal documents ahead of the consultation for the attorney to look at prior to your one-on-one session;
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      • If necessary, the attorney will conduct additional legal research, check court cases, federal laws, and speak with other experts;
      • Should the attorney deem it necessary, we will then schedule one follow-up 15 minute phone call explaining the attorney’s findings and any additional advice on how to proceed;

      By the end of your consultation, you will:

      • Have received a full review of all of your immigration options;
      • Understand whether the attorney believes you can apply for a particular benefit or overcome the immigration problem you are facing;
      • Get expert guidance on how to overcome your immigration challenge;
      • Be presented with an opportunity to retain our firm to help you with your case, or if necessary, be provided with a referral to a colleague or organization that specializes in solving your specific immigration challenges;

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      Per Diem Services

      My versatility, commitment to oral advocacy, and dedication to effective legal writing put me in a unique position to address your firm’s per diem needs. Prior to starting Feodoroff Law PLLC, I worked for a high volume full-service New York-Washington D.C immigration law firm, handling the majority of the legal writing in the sphere of: motions to reopen, asylum, removal defense, Board appeal, and federal related matters.

      Furthermore, I have prepared clients for and made appearances for removal merits hearings and benefits interviews in New York, Newark, Elizabeth, Buffalo, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Virginia, Orlando, and Los Angeles. I pride myself in thorough file review, detailed witness preparation, and building a detailed record to preserve issues on appeal.

      Further Description Available Here:

      Motions to Reopen

      Legal Briefs

      Immigration Court Representation

      Interview Representation

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